Conus Addy
Owner:  Amy Naus

Cronus Sophie Rose
 Owner Marlene Spyros

Cronus Bob and April
Owner: Lew and Patty Poberezny

Cronus Nikki
Owner: Sandy Roske

Cronus Percy
Owner: Jody Nelson

Champion Beauport Macavity of Cronus
Macavity is our first Maine Coon and he was born August 5th, 1992.

Cronus Sterling Silver
Owner: Nancy and Bob Didenko


Cronus Beowulf
Owner: Sandy Houge

Sarafina Imagine of Cronus

Champion Lacocoon Mister Moonlight

Cronus Till There Was You and Champion Rumford Pandora of Cronus

Champion Hurklecat Flossy Fantail of Cronus

Champion Lacocoon Celeste of Cronus

Cronus Tigger
Owner: Will Stowe

Cronus Goliath
Owner: Deb Goldmann

Cronus Chardonnay Cronus Merlot

Owner: Kathy Dolphin

Cronus Buster Brown
Owner: Gert Bloedorn

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